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Adobe To Launch Wired-Like Magazine iPadizer Software

June 1, 2010

Adobe's relationship with Apple has been cold of late over the whole no flash and cross-platform developpement debacle, but apparently Adobe isn't completely giving up on the iPhone OS.

Indeed, after they rebuilt their iPad publishing system for Wired last month, Adobe has announced today that it will make the tool available to the public later this year. Named "digital viewer software", it will allow anyone to create a Wired-like iPad magazine with their own content fairly easily. You'll soon be able to publish your content using all those nice splashy animations, effects and user interface elements that Wired is now using. This sounds like a great move in my opinion. Just check out Wired once again and imagine your content in there, sounds like an attractive offer, doesn't it?

Their tool won't also be limited to the iPad as it will still allow you to export for other tablets using Adobe Air and there might even be some html5 coming up in there.

[via Engadget]

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