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Apple To Launch... The Apple App

June 14, 2010

Apple's official website isn't, as you probably know, very iPhone friendly. Apple purposely didn't make a mobile version of their website when they introduced the first iPhone. Why? To show off the iPhone Safari browser. While it probably was the right move at back then. It's certainly not optimal if, for example, you're in a rush to make a Genius Bar appointment among other things.

Proving Microsoft's SteveĀ Ballmer right, rumor has it that Apple is about to change that situation and will finally be bringing a native iPhone app of its own to the App Store. Due tomorrow, here is what we know about it so far:

It will be free in the App Store and will allow users to make Genius Bar appointments, check new product in-stock availability, book One to One training sessions, and shop all Apple products.

In short, it will be the Apple app. We'll see tomorrow.

[via BGR]

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