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Artefact Putting Flash On iDevices With 'Flash In A Pinch'

June 12, 2010

Although we know that Steven P. Jobs most definitely has no want or need for flash on his iDevice, some still do though and Artefact is trying to make that a reality. While they may be doing it in the most confusing way, they understand it and it works. Well, Sorta. So pay attention here, what they've managed to do is have Flash rendered on their servers, which streams the images to Safari. Then by placing a Javascript layer on top of the content, it can use your touch interactions to be sent back to the server, making it fully interactive. Now while that sounds neat and all, they have yet to get audio working correctly and the whole thing runs pretty slow. But the fact that progress being made in the watching-Hulu-on-iDevices department still can get a man excited. It is free TV after all. So check out the video of it running on an iPad below for more on this proof-of-concept.

Source: ArtefactBlog

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