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AT&T Offers Up Specials For Recent iPhone 3GS Buyers

June 11, 2010

More A&T customers are about to become happy.  Just days after the company announced that anyone with an iPhone contract ending at anytime in 2010 would be eligible for a iPhone 4 upgrade, comes word that recent purchasers of the iPhone 3GS will also be getting a deal.

AT&T has offered those who purchased a iPhone 3GS between May 7th and May 14 two opportunities.  First, those buyers can simply pre-order the new iPhone 4 prior to June 21st and only pay the difference in cost between what they paid for the 3GS and what the iPhone 4 is selling for, and trade their phones in once the new iPhone hits on June 24th. Or, those 3GS owners can seek a credit between what is being charged now for the same model versus what they paid.  Since A&T has reduced the pricing of both the 16 GB and 32 GB 3GS models to $149 and $199, respectively, that would be a savings of either $50 or $100, depending on which model was purchased. These deals are being offered up as a special one-time iPhone Price Protection policy for customers that purchased their iPhones within the 30 days prior to the announced June 7, 2010 price reduction of the 3GS.  Since all iPhone customers are given an automatic 30-day return guarantee, the price incentive  actually adds one week to this guarantee, whereas buyers can receive some cashback or get the newer model of the phone that they just bought. Since iPhone 4 pricing is the same as the original prices of the 3GS, it certainly seems like a no brainer to take the new phone, rather than the cash, but that would be your choice.  Unfortunately, 8 GB 3GS owners will miss out on both deals since there will not be a 8 GB iPhone 4 model. --- To get more App Store and iDevice news as it happens, check out the AppAdvice iPhone/iPad app!

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