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Diacarta Takes Day Planning Into A Different Direction

June 23, 2010

iPhone day planner apps come in many different shapes and sizes, but most include the basics including a calendar, a to-do list and if you are lucky, some sort of integration with an external scheduling package such as Google Calendar. However, whatever the differences, most of the current day planner apps rely heavily on keyboard interaction.

The new Diacarta app hopes to change or at least minimize that. Created by a Ohio husband and wife team (they are both lawyers that juggle work, home and family) that were tired of the sameness associated with existing day planner apps, Diacarta was developed with visualization and creativity in mind. Diacarta users do not interface with a daily planning page like most apps; rather, they are presented with two separate clocks for each day of a calendar, one for A.M., the other for P.M.  From here, users can select pre-created icons and place them at appropriate times on the clock with a swipe of a finger. For example, if you have a golf game scheduled for 6 a.m. tomorrow, you would select the golf icon from the directory of icons and place it on the correct clock at the correct time. Each event can be assigned a name and location, along with the date and time, although you can easily place un-timed events on specific days if you like.  For example, if Friday is your mother's birthday, you can easily select the birthday icon and place it on the side of that Friday's morning or afternoon clock. The app allows you to manually search a date on a calendar (in monthly view) that you can then use to add specific events to your planner. In addition, the current time of day is always shown on the clock, no matter what specific day you are looking at. Diacarta's minimalistic approach to day planning is achieved through a nice use of a light red, green and white template that is easy on the eyes.  While no external integration is available at this time, I found this app definitely worth a try. For those looking for a basic day planner that is fresh and different, you may want to try Diacarta.  The app will be available for download on Friday, June 25, 2010 and priced at $1.99.  A future version for the iPad is expected. For more information, visit the Diacarta website.

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