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iPad & iPhone App Review: Meteor Blitz HD - Asteroids Meets Geometry Wars?

June 29, 2010

iPad & iPhone Version

Overview is a space dual stick shooter that is a at the most basic level a present day asteroids. You have to blast through constantly dropping in space elements of rock, fire, and ice. You can use your plasma gun, flame thrower, or ice cannon depending on what you’re trying to blast away. It’s not all asteroids though, quite the contrary as you will face more various types of enemies than anything else. The game is basically a combination of asteroids and geometry wars. You move around as though you’re on the surface of a planet. Features Meteor Blitz has two modes with an arcade level based mode, as well as an endless survival mode. The arcade mode has six stages with five levels per stage increasing in challenge with the number and types of enemies. The game features autopause when you release the controls, live in game scores, and picks up right where you left off. Gameplay From the first time you play Meteor Blitz you’ll be instantly hooked on the overwhelming amount of non stop action. No matter what mode or level you’re in there is a constant flow of new asteroids and enemies coming at you. The game is so fast paced that you can deal with the onslaught because enemies and asteroids break down with just the right number of hits. The game has some of the smoothest dual stick controls around that allow for such fine precisions. Even when asteroids and enemies are flying in from above you can avoid them and fire so smoothly. There are three upgradable weapons, and each is necessary for specific worlds. Every level is set up where you face tons of asteroids and enemies until the boss comes out, and you have to wear it down behind its ring of protecting asteroids. There are various pick-ups along the way including tons of rings left behind by destroyed enemies as well as big bonuses like extra bomb or life. Your ship is equipped with a tractor beam to grab asteroids, and then fire them back at enemies for extra damage, and you have a shield and bomb. The game looks amazing on each idevice with the 3D shapes in foreground, and the various explosions as you blast them away. Then there are the six varied worlds each with wonderfully designed backgrounds. The a=soundtrack is action packed to fit perfectly with the gameplay. With the deluxe 30 level arcade mode it will give you plenty of enjoyment, and then there is the separate survival mode on top of that. The online high score tables add to replayability, and it’s great to see you’re ranking in the game as your raking up the score.

The Verdict

iPad Version The iPad version is very similar to the original iPhone version with the main difference being the upgraded visuals. The iPad version is much more immersive, and a recent update has amped up the frame rate and size of explosions which really look great on the iPad. The update also added difficulty levels so there is an easier mode for less experienced players, and it’s only available for the iPad currently. The dual stick controls work great on the iPad as they appear right where your thumbs naturally settle with the iPad resting in your lap. The best aspect of the iPad version is that all the assets aren't simply increased in size so it looks sharper on the iPad. Instead the aspect ratio of the ship, asteroids and enemies are the same size as on the iPhone version which means there is more action on screen with a bigger view of the world. Meteor blitz is one of the best iPhone games, and as the saying goes, ‘don’t mess with success’. Alley Labs understands that greatly, and just made the complete package for the iPhone native on the iPad. This is one of the best games on the iPad that everyone can enjoy, and is easily a must buy for $4.99. The aspect ratio makes this game worth picking up even if you already own the iPhone version. iPhone Version The iPhone versions plays exceptionally well on the smaller device, and is made for on the go gaming. The auto pause, auto resume are made so you can play Meteor Blitz in short bursts. You get to pick up exactly where you left off, and can always lift your head from the action without the need to press a pause button. The iPhone version’s virtual sticks disappear so you get to see more of the screen with only your thumbs obstructing the view. The iPhone version makes the dual stick shooter accessible to any iPhone owner with ease of use, and addicting gameplay. A definite must buy for $2.99.

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