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iPad Wall Mount Gets The Designer Treatment

June 13, 2010

While you've no doubt seen iPad Wall Mounts before, they have been focused more on function over design. Luckily for those of you who prefer a bit of both, Swedish designer Arodsin Redningar has come up with the iPad Capsule. The iPad capsule is a wooden frame coated in a protective white paint that is angled enough for the iPad to sit inside it and look good while doing so. While it may not reach out or turn 360 degrees, it sure looks good. It is perfect for using your iPad as a digital photo frame because it allows you to charge it while mounted. However unless you have multiple iPads lying around it doesn't seem that practical but it is rather easy to dismount so having just one iPad wouldn't be too much of a pain. Hit the source link below for more information and a full photo gallery. [via -]

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