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Loopt 3.0 Is Coming, Includes iOS4 Features

June 22, 2010

A new version of the popular Loopt social networking app will be out within days and this new version will fully utilize the multitasking capabilities of the new iOS4.

The updated version allows users to keep friends updated on ones comings and goings and statuses can then be shared with Facebook and Twitter.  The most important aspect of the new version is its background location capabilities. According to Loopt Inc.,
Background location sharing also alerts friends when they are within a few blocks of each other so they can meet up, allows parents to stay informed where family members are, and allows friends to stay up to date on a friend’s adventurous cross-country travels. The feature is always completely user-controlled. Users choose which friends to include on the background location sharing updates, and how long to keep the location sharing turned on. Typically Loopt users will turn on background location sharing with a small subset of friends and family, but share check-ins with a wider group of friends on Loopt, Facebook and Twitter.
Features new to Loopt 3.0 include: ·         Background updating – taking advantage of iOS 4, Loopt will update a user’s location to a selected group of friends, without requiring them to check in or constantly re-launch the app. ·         PNS alerts – when a friend is nearby, Loopt will push a notification to the user letting them know a friend is in the neighborhood. ·         Grid based navigation – the user interface re-design allows for a simpler user experience by surfacing the rich feature set of the Loopt app. ·         Closer Facebook integration – users can choose to share their location when they check in via Facebook; they can also send out Facebook friend requests joining the Loopt network. The newest version of the app should be available for download at the App Store this week and like its predecessor will be free.

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