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Review: Pro Zombie Soccer - Zombies Plus Soccer Equals Glory?

June 16, 2010


There are tons of soccer games that we covered last week. There's a new game in the genre that throws zombies in the mix where you kick a soccer ball to blast through the waves of zombies. A deluxe storyline is included with comic strip style panels that progress from being bitten by a soccer superstar zombie to facing the zombie king.


The game features 19 levels with multiple boss battles along the way, and all types of zombies. There is a slider on the left to choose the direction of your soccer ball shot, and you can hold to charge which is necessary to kill some zombies. There is a normal and hardcore mode, and when you complete the game you unlock zombie odyssey. As you progress you unlock power-ups with three in total giving you rapid shot, through ball, and laser blast. Crystal is also included for online high scores for each mode and achievements.

The Good

The game is all about mass zombie killing, but using a soccer ball rather than guns like usual. The game still feels like a shooter as you’re aiming your soccer ball and firing, though there is a castle defense type theme as all zombies come to one point. The game is nonstop action to say the least as there will always be multiple zombies on screen with no chance to take a breath. There is a lot to this game as each level is relatively complex, and there is an intricate story for an iPhone game. Each new level introduces new types of enemies that require different types of strategy from a lot of power to super precision. The boss battles are also complex, and there are new items introduced to keep you a little on edge. Not only is there a lot to do, but you'll definitely have a desire to complete the game, and you will definitely enjoy every minute of it. While playing you can vary the loft of your shot just a bit to choose to go for a head shot or not, and multiple consecutive head shots give you tons of bonus points. The graphics are definitely a high point giving you fine precision for each and every zombie as well as the backgrounds. The killing animations are great as you see them incinerate into blood with some hits, or head shots, or even limbs being blown off. The soundtrack is intricate as well with different soundtracks per environment. The sound effects are deluxe though they get rather annoying with the various zombie groans. The controls are relatively simplistic, but are extremely easy to use, and allow for plenty of precision. Crystal support allows for some replay incentive with lots of achievements plus the various high score tables.

The Bad

The gameplay is relatively simplistic and repetitive as every level plays the same, and you don't do much to actually control the shot. It's just a simple sliding mechanic, and every level is just zombies running at you that you have to hit. The storyline is a little goofy, and will definitely be a letdown at conclusion after all you go through. Once you reach the final boss battle the controls become rather annoying since you can't precisely control the lob of your soccer ball.

The Verdict

Pro Zombie Soccer gives you plenty to do, and you'll enjoy all your time with it. The game is wonderfully designed, and presents a brand new way to kill zombies. It's somewhat repetitive , but you'll be having too much fun to notice that. The best aspect is that the game is only $0.99, and it's worth so much more than that. Truly a must buy for such a low price, and the amount of content provided.

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