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Review: Read More - Unleash the Bookworm Within

June 4, 2010


If you read a lot of books you know how difficult it can be to keep track of what you have and haven't read. Read More helps with this problem. Read More lets you create a reading list, save which page you are on, track how long you have been reading for and view a history of past sessions.


- Built in timer - 5 different colors and styles for books - Reading list - Reading summary - Export reading list to a csv The purpose of Read More is to encourage you to well, read more. So to get started, hit the plus symbol and start adding books that you are currently reading or want to read. Type in the title, author and the amount of pages. You can also choose from five colors and four textures to display the book in your reading list. After adding everything you want to read you can edit, rearrange and delete books. When you want to start reading a book, simply select it from the list and press start timer. When you've finished reading, press finish session and select which page you stopped at. Read More will then show you what percentage of the book you have read, how many pages are left as well as estimate when you will finish the book (based on the average reading speed of each session). When you have finished reading a book, it is sent to the archive. From the archive you can view every book you have read, as well as export the data to a csv file to open in your spreadsheet program of choice. Simply select the arrow in the bottom left from the archive page and a new email with the file attached will be created.

The Breakdown

The Good: Read More has a beautiful interface and is so easy to use. Adding books couldn't be simpler, the archive is exportable and the timer will continue to run (calcualting the time of exit and reopening) even if you exit the app. The Bad: There are a few features I would like to see in Read More, one of which I feel should definitely be there as standard. The only way to add a book is by manually typing in the title and author. I would much prefer to be able to access a database of books (e.g. Amazon) and load information such as the blurb and cover image. This would make adding books easier and also make the overall experience better. The second thing I would like to see is the ability to recommend books via Twitter, Facebook or email. I always send app links, websites and other stuff directly to friends to let them know to check it out. It would be great if, when you have finished reading a book, you could email it to a friend as a recommendation.

The Verdict

Read More is a simple, yet excellent app. Anyone who reads a lot, or wants to, should get this app. Read More does exactly what its should do - encourages you to read more.

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