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Review: Super QuickHook - Will You Be Hooked?

June 23, 2010


Super QuickHook is the follow up to Hook Champ that provides more of the same grappling hook swinging, but ups the graphics from 8-bit to 16-bit. Another difference from Hook Champ is that the game is more exploratory than race to the finish as nothing is chasing you this time around. There are multiple levels having you travel through meadows, ice caverns, volcanic caves, and more.


The game features 18 levels in total plus an endless avalanche mode where you try to outrun a wall of snow. There are hidden pathways in each level, and coins scattered about that earn you money to spend in the store to buy upgrades to your rocket shoes, grappling hook, and a collection of hats. OpenFeint is included for online high scores, achievements, challenges, and there are ghost races against yourself or friends.

The Good

Super QuickHook picks up the gameplay right where Hook Champ left off, and improves on most aspects of the already quality game. It's so effortless and fun swinging through the landscapes at such high speed with such a smooth flow. Despite the speed, you really have more time to stop and look around for secret paths without a monster chasing after you. There is a lot more to see as well with the updated graphics that are definitely superior to classic 16-bit graphics. The environments are intricately deluxe from the changing backgrounds to the animations in the foreground. The game is highly polished with a unique art style that any retro fan will appreciate. As you progress all of the included levels get longer, and more complex with less ground to land on if you miss a hook point. The levels have multiple paths to take which you'll want to explore to collect the most coins which make up the greatest percentage of your score. You can just fly through the course, but your score will be relatively low especially compared to the developer score. You will need to complete certain levels, buy a specific amount in the shop, and/or beat the developer score on some levels to unlock new ones. It's definitely a challenge to beat the developer score, and that alone can have you replaying levels again and again. You can also go for online high scores, and compete against friends with a seamless integration of OpenFeint just like in Hook Champ. The more you play the more money you earn so you can buy upgrades. All of the various upgrades will definitely make the swinging runs easier, and will have you wanting to play more, and consequently earning more. Then there are the various hats to customize your character as well as unlockable characters, which are features Hook Champ is known for, and maintained in Super QuickHook. The avalanche mode is plenty of fun as you try to stay in front of the wall of snow that is coming at quite a quick pace. The landscape is generated randomly so you're given different parts of meadow, ice, and volcano that will have you never playing the same stretch twice. The endless mode could be a separate game, and it's a great addition to the replay of Super QuickHook. A great new addition to Super QuickHook is the inclusion of checkpoints so you don't have to make it through a complex level in one run. Hook Champ is definitely frustrating without checkpoints. They're included at great intervals in Super QuickHook especially in the more complex levels.

The Bad

The game doesn't have many areas to complain about. It is quite challenging which may dilute some of the fun for more casual users especially when the game seems so casual on the surface. Unlocking the last few levels is especially challenging as you have to beat the developer score which is quite high, and many players may never. This leaves some of the best levels unplayed which is definitely a negative missing out on the sheer innate challenge of the final levels. The controls don't allow for the tightest precision so occasionally your hook won't go exactly where you want it to, and thus will miss a latch spot, and you'll fall to your demise.

The Verdict

Super QuickHook is an outstanding game in most regards that builds upon all the greatness of Hook Champ, and just makes it a better overall experience which is definitely saying something. It's such a fun experience tapping to swing through various environments always on the lookout for coins and different paths. There is a great replay factor for each of the various levels, and especially from the engaging avalanche endless mode. Super QuickHook is a must buy for $1.99 that will have you hooked immediately.

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