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Review: Trucker's Delight: Episode 1 - Help Jack The Lonely Truck Driver

June 25, 2010


Trucker’s Delight is a music video for a song by the band Flairs, and it has been made into a game by Mobigame, the developers of Edge and Cross Fingers. This is episode 1 of the game where you drive your truck trying to catch the blonde bombshell in her red corvette. The game is quite raunchy and vulgar to go with the video, so be warned now.


The game is one endless run, and is made up of 30 second checkpoints. You travel down the highway with tilt to steer trying to bash the red corvette, and avoid traffic so you don’t slow down. There are a few different power-ups indicated by pink dice, and there are occasional enemies including a motorcycle biker and a cop.

The Good

The game has great design qualities with the visuals, sounds, and controls. There are really nice 16-bit graphics on par with the material the video is based off. The animations are well done as are the shifting roads and backgrounds. You know the soundtrack is great to listen to as the game is based on the soundtrack more than anything else. It’s an enjoyable mix that most will enjoy. The tilt controls are nice and precise so you can make slight adjustments and maneuvers through tight squeezes. As you progress it’s nice that the highway changes the number of lanes, and there are more cars on the road. It also curves sharper and goes over hills to block what you can see ahead adding some difficulty. You want to like the game because the video is so hilariously raunchy, but the game doesn’t connect that much.

The Bad

The game is basically a casual endless game with a driving theme. The game plays the same from checkpoint to checkpoint as you always try to bash the red corvette as many times as you can. There’s no much variability, and it never has the same kind of addictive feel as Canabalt or Run. Boiling the game down to one factor it would have to be relatively simplistic with very little variability. Once you get the first game over with, you will never see anything new, and you really won’t have any urge to play again. There is never a change from checkpoint to checkpoint, and there really is no fun to be had. Overall it’s much too simple with no real challenging aspect. The time constraints for the checkpoints are rather quick, but you never are engaged enough to really care. There is nothing special, and it will leave no impression what so ever, and feel like a waste of time.

The Verdict

The game is designed well, but gameplay is king, and it’s seriously lacking in Trucker’s Delight. It’s a boring, monotonous, drive down the road that presents no aspect of fun. It’s always the same simple objective from checkpoint to checkpoint that will get tired during the first run with no incentive for replay. There are many better casual endless games in the App Store, so you don’t need to waste your time with Trucker’s Delight.

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