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Runmeter Is Now Able To Keep Recording Your Workout Even When Interrupted

June 25, 2010

Of all of the apps that have recently gained multitasking support, the one that I got most excited to click the update button for has to be Runmeter.  Exercise apps in general have been begging for this functionality since many users would rather have them running in the background while using other apps, such as Pandora.  The fact that it's Runmeter gaining this functionality is just icing on the cake, at least for me. Runmeter v4.0 now features full multitasking support.  This means that you can use the iPod app to select new music, take pictures with the Camera app while on a hike, receive and send texts, place calls over Skype, and basically use any other app and Runmeter will continue to record your progress.  There will be no more having to stop in your tracks in order to ensure your results are accurate. But of course, that's only a portion of Runmeter's laundry list of features.  Unlike most exercise-related apps, Runmeter is able to store and display all of your data -- maps, routes, statistics, etc. -- on your iPhone without taking up very much space.  The app is completely iPhone-centric, with no need to upload data to websites or pay for monthly subscriptions just to see what you have accomplished. If you are an avid runner, hiker, skater, or what have you, check out Runmeter ($4.99), especially now that it has multitasking support.  Just remember, in order to utilize the new ability you must have at least an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.

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