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Walmart Opens Doors For iPhone 4

June 12, 2010

America’s biggest box-store is expected to be selling the fourth generation iPhone come launch day on June 24, according to CNET.  Walmart, which has already sold iPhones since the 3G model in 2008, is said to become one of a few select retailers to be selling the iPhone 4 on the first day.

This will be the first time that the Arkansas-based retailer will begin selling an iPhone on its launch day at all of its 2,500 plus stores. This news follows on the heels of rumored - but still not confirmed - indications that Best Buy and Radio Shack will also be selling the iPhone on the first day, along with AT&T retail stores and of course, Apple stores. However, Walmart is not expected to make available pre-orders of the device, like the other retailers mentioned above on June 15. With news that Apple expects to sell upwards of 9 million units of the new iPhone in this quarter alone, it is clear that supplies offered on day one will most likely be better than during any other iPhone launch.  Adding Walmart to the mix of course, gives consumers one more place to shop on the 24th, in the event that other local locations are sold out of the new phone.

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