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Yelp App Updated Slightly

June 10, 2010

Yelp has released a minor update for its iPhone app that adds a number of fun features that will let you communicate even more with your family and friends about the places you visit.

The latest version (4.2.1) includes a section called “Check-In” that allows you to offer quick tips about where you are, whether it is at a nearby restaurant, bar, drugstore or other location. The user simply clicks “Check-In” to send in their review, which is automatically posted to the Yelp site. Your reviews can also be sent through a user’s Twitter or Facebook account. Depending on how may “Check-Ins” you report, you will be distinguished as a “Duke”, “Baron” or “King,” although there doesn’t appear to be anything special about obtaining any of these distinctions. Also for the first time, fellow Yelp enthusiasts can find their online friends right from the iPhone using the new Yelper Search function, which also shows you which of your friends are closest to you. The Yelp iPhone app is advertised as a perfect companion for those on the go. Users can use the app to find nearby businesses and narrow a search based on neighborhood, price and what’s open now. Reviews are gathered by the site to tell its readers what’s great and not so great near each Yelp enthusiast.

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