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Yelp Allows You To Find Local Hotspots Quicker With Multitasking Support

June 30, 2010

The ever-growing list of apps that feature multitasking support is about to get one app longer.  Yelp, the location-based business finder, now features fast app switching along with the ability to send business info via SMS. Yelp v4.3 allows you to jump out of the app and return without ever losing your place.  Now you can call up a friend after finding an awesome new place to eat and then instantly go back to the app to obtain directions to give to your not-so-directionally-gifted friend over the phone. If you would rather send directions, or any other business info for that matter, it's now possible via SMS.  You were previously only able to do so via email. The update also brings the usual bug fixes, but as always with Yelp updates, we're sad to say they still haven't implemented the ability to publish reviews from the app itself.  If I was you, I would stop holding out hope at this point. Yelp v4.3 is now available in the App Store.

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