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10 Amazing iPad Stands

July 27, 2010
Attention readers: It’s time to throw away your Apple iPad cases and check out these beautiful iPad stands, courtesy of Mashable. Each one is unique and gives the user a workable piece of art just like the device itself. ClamCase - Not Released Yet

Coming this fall from the company of the same name, ClamCase offers more than just an iPad stand. The durable three-in-one stand includes a Bluetooth keyboard and flips on its side for easy movie viewing. Its creators feel their masterpiece is so cool that they gave it a starring role in its own YouTube video:

Elago Design P2 - $29.99

Developed by Elago, the P2 gives your iPad an almost iMac-like appearance with its aluminum construction. For those looking for less clutter and more organization, the P2 also includes total cable management.

Element Case Joule - Starting at $129

Made with aluminum and available in black and anodized silver, the Joule "work stand" offers a simple and elegant design that disappears into the iPad itself. With prices starting at $129, however, the Joule by Element Case is expensive but is definitely easy on the eyes.

GroovyStand - $14.95

Here you have a simply design that works anywhere you go. Available in three colors and four different models (round, square, writer and write dual), GroovyStand is advertised as "elegant, simple, and so inexpensive you can have one in every room". Each sells for $14.95.

LUXA2 H4 - $59.99

With its futuristic name, the LUXA2 H4 offers durability and style. Its sleek aluminum matches nicely with the iPad's wonderful design.

Modgrain Modern iPad Stand - $69

This iPad stand is made from 3/8 inch Baltic Birch plywood and aluminum which gives your device a boxy and protected look. The price is $69.

Quirky Cradle iPad Lap Desk - $52.50

Imagine being served breakfast in bed on a nifty tray and you'll get the idea behind the Quirky Cradle. Each stand is crafted with bamboo plywood and includes an integrated circular plate that protects the device in both portrait and landscape mode.

Thought Out Company Stabile - Starting at $59.99

The Stabile looks amazing and is a fine compliment for anyone's work space. Designed with comfort in mind, this stands comes in black or gray, with prices starting at $59.99.

TwelveSouth BookArc - $39.99

Served up with a wireless keyboard, the BookArc makes it look like you'll never need a PC or Mac again! Each piece is made with heavy gauge steel and allows your iPad to stand in four different positions.

WedgePad - $27.00

Made with a bean bag, the WedgePad is easily used on any surface. Each one is handmade and includes frays on the edges and unique imperfections. Each sells for $27 and includes free shipping until the end of July.

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