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Apple Launches The iPhone 4 Free Case Program, As An App

July 23, 2010

Almost as if they were trying to change the conversation, Apple has, as announced, just launched its iPhone 4 Case Program. Surprisingly, it comes as an app.

Available in the App Store now (link), the iPhone 4 Case Program app allows you to pick from a selection of 8 different cases. Included in the selection is the black Apple Bumper (no other colors available unfortunately), as well as a couple of models from Incase, Griffin and Speck. All of which, I hope, should prevent you from further death gripping your iPhone 4.

You can access a description of each case by tapping it, and then order it directly through the app. The whole process is streamlined, simple and shouldn't take you more than 60 seconds if you know what you want. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait, as the cases will start shipping in 3 to 5 weeks.

It's a very smart approach to run the program through an app. Not only does it limit it to iPhone 4 owners, but it also allows Apple to gather serial numbers and run all the needed checks without any input from the user. Also, if you're still having any questions or problems, Apple has launched a dedicated page (link) on its site detailing how to obtain your free bumper, or a refund in case you already have one. Follow this link for more details.

Hmm, it's going to be hard to pick, any suggestions?

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