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Defend Echo Base In Star Wars: Battle For Hoth, Now Available In The App Store

July 15, 2010

You can finally stop reenacting the battle for Hoth with your countless physical Star Wars toys and take it to the Imperial forces digitally in the new Star Wars-themed tower defense game by THQ, Star Wars: Battle for Hoth. In Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, you are required to defend Echo Base's main power generator for as long as possible by deploying Rebel units in order to impede the Imperial forces' advancement.  You are given a wide range of units, including infantry, gun towers, snowspeeders and more, to counter and take down the Imperial's army of droids, snowtroopers and even AT-ATs. Star Wars: Battle for Hoth veers away from the basic tower defense gameplay by giving you more control.  Units can be commanded to attack the strongest or weakest enemies, trenches can be dug to give bonuses to defenses, and you won't just be given command points (currency in the game) for taking down enemy units, you are required to find and tap on them to collect.  All of this coupled together with a separate fortress mode, where you are given a set number of command points to survive the onslaught, helps set this one apart. The game also features 15 levels, classic mode, various levels of difficulty, original music and sound effects, original video footage from the film and OpenFeint integration. Star Wars über fans will likely jump all over Star Wars: Battle for Hoth for iPhone and iPod touch, but for only $2.99, fans of the tower defense genre in general should take a look at this unique, Star Wars-themed game.

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