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Doodle Jump Gains Multitasking Support And A New Underwater Theme

July 21, 2010

Usually the updates to Lima Sky's insanely popular casual game, Doodle Jump, consist of an Easter egg here or a new theme there, but the game's most recent update is a little more special since you get two new items instead of just one: multitasking support and a new theme. Doodle Jump v1.21 now supports fast app switching for those running iOS 4, allowing you to put the brakes on your current game and jump into another app, like Mobile Safari, to look up what name you have to type in to unlock that special Pocket God Easter egg, and come right back without having to wait for the game to reload. Doodle Jump also features a new underwater theme (pictured above), which puts Doodle the Doodler inside of a fancy scuba suit so he can explore the depths of the ocean and take down new creatures. Now, this is normally where we tell you the price of the game and why you should or should not buy it, but it almost seems pointless since Doodle Jump has been at $.99 since it launched in March 2009 and seems to have been downloaded by every iDevice owner out there.  So I guess just hit that update button and enjoy! [Thanks to Robert Ferrero for the tip!]

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