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Missing On The iPad: Game Show Apps

July 26, 2010

I’m one of those users that enjoy television game show apps. In the four years that the iPhone has been on the market, numerous such apps have shown up in the App Store. Each is amazing to play on the tiny screen, especially on the road. However, since the introduction of the iPad this year, it’s clear that these apps would look better with more screen space. Regretfully, most of the game show apps are not yet available for the iPad. Among them:

The Price Is Right This American treasure has existed for the iPhone/iPod touch for some time, as two apps. The first is simply called The Price is Right, while the newer version is called The Price is Right 2010.  Obviously, the creator of each, Ludia, Inc. felt the need to produce a newer version to generate more revenue (as opposed to simply updating the earlier version), but so far, there is no iPad version. Drew Carey, where are you? Wheel of Fortune Strangely, Sony Pictures Television released Wheel of Fortune Platinum recently but failed to release an iPad version. The app is amazing on the iPhone (especially on the iPhone 4 screen) and well worth $1.99. But there is hope: if you install the app on your iPad it suggests that you install the iPad HD version. However, this version isn’t available as of today. Jeopardy! The very popular Jeopardy! game show was released for the iPhone nearly 18 months ago and has never received an update. It would be nice to see a newer version released for both the iPhone 4 and the iPad. I'd expect that each of these game show apps will appear on the iPad in the near future. Until then, I'll just be happy playing with them on my iPhone! Remember, you can play them on the iPad, but they don't look nearly as good (since you have to stretch the screen). Fortunately, Family Feud HD and Millionaire HD are already on the iPad. I'll play those while I wait.

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