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QuickAdvice: Wolf Boy - Beat 'Em Up Under The Light Of The Moon

July 16, 2010

QuickAdvice: Wolf Boy

Wolf Boy by NHN Corporation icon

Wolf Boy ($0.99) by NHN Corporation is a 2D side scrolling beat ‘em up where you play as a boy who has the power to transform into a wolf. The game is set up with left and right directional buttons as well as an attack and jump button. As you kill enemies you earn progress towards filling the moon, and once it’s full you can tap it to transform into a wolf.

Wolf Boy by NHN Corporation screenshot

The game has three attributes for boy and wolf to upgrade to increase health, power, and transformation time. There is one combo to do a dash move by pressing right right, attack, but the game could really benefit from more.

The game is solid, but there is nothing remarkable, special, or noteworthy. It’s ho hum in a style you’ve probably played before, and there are no new elements introduced. The game is overly simplified leaving a rather bland experience.

The game is pretty much just a button masher with no types of combos to change it up. You end up facing the same enemies over and over with the main differences between stages being the difficulty. There are only a few types of enemies total, but all of them are killed just by pressing the attack button as many times as you can whether you’re boy or wolf.

As you progress you earn points by maintaining an attack combo, and you rack up a huge score. There is no online connectivity so the score is pretty pointless. There are a couple power-ups along the way including swords, fire, and ice attacks though they don’t change the gameplay.

Wolf Boy by NHN Corporation screenshot

The art style is nice highlighted by the character design. There are plenty of attack animations as well which also look good though occasionally the game stutters. The soundtrack is good, but the attack sound effects wear on you quickly.

Every five stages is a boss battle though it’s the same boss, just with greater health. Upgrading your abilities doesn’t have any noticeable impact, and whether you’re playing as the boy or wolf there isn’t much of a difference. The game is mindless with no fun or engaging elements, and thus is just a waste of your time.

Ever for $0.99 Wolf Boy isn’t worth it because there are many better $1 games in the App Store.

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