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Man The Millennium Falcon's Turrets And Much More In Star Wars: Trench Run v2.0

July 20, 2010

Forget battling for Hoth -- because we all know how that conflict ends -- it's time to get back to a more winnable Star Wars battle.  Star Wars: Trench Run has gone v2.0, which adds a handful of new levels and ships, and even a way to play the game remotely. THQ first launched Star Wars: Trench Run in late 2009.  The game received a fair amount of praise, but what really set it back was the lack of content.  THQ has finally addressed that issue in v2.0. The new levels included in Star Wars: Trench Run are: Escape, Han Solo, and Han Solo Arcade. Escape will have you manning the turrets of the Millennium Falcon in order to fight off the attacking TIE fighters.  Han Solo will have you manning the bottom turret of the Millennium Falcon while flying just above the trench in order to protect Gold Squadron's Y-wings during the Battle of Yavin.  And the last new level, Han Solo Arcade, is just like the previous level, only you will have to protect three Y-wings for as long as possible. The new flyable ships included in v2.0 are: Millennium Falcon, Y-wing, TIE fighter, and Darth Vader's advanced TIE fighter. The new doesn't stop there either.  The game now allows you to use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to remotely pilot ships in the free online version of the game at  It will set you back an extra $1, however. Star Wars: Trench Run v2.0 is now available for $4.99.  Are any of you going to fire this one back up again after the long hiatus now that there is new free content?

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