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Apple Already Using Liquidmetal For The iPhone – Guess Where?

Apple Already Using Liquidmetal For The iPhone Guess Where?

August 17, 2010
After unveiling it last week, Cult of the Mac has been actively digging out everything it can about Apple's latest technology acquisition; Liquidmetal. This week, they claim that this crazy alloy that came from space to make your next iPhone bendable or who-knows-what (and might or might not help with the Antenna issue) has already been used by Apple. Indeed, ever since the 3G version, US iPhones have apparently shipped with a little Liquidmetal sample; the SIM ejector tool. Surprising right? This was something of a test for Apple which was looking for some solid and inflexible alloy for their parts. As Liquidmetal Technologies' production facility was too small, Apple only sourced the US SIM ejector pin there. They still used the steel version for the international iPhones. This story is strange, but does sound plausible. Unfortunately, my pin is steel. So go grab yours right now and try bending it. If you can't without hurting yourself, then it's liquidmetal.

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