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Camera+ "Easter Egg" Exposed

August 11, 2010

The Camera+ iPhone app is one the top-selling photo-taking apps in the App Store. Still, its creators saw a need for improvement, and tried to sell Apple on its latest update idea.

You see, in order to take a photo, you need to push a fancy camera icon that's located near the bottom of the app's screen. This proves cumbersome, since it requires one hand on the iPhone and another on the button.

So tap tap tap, the Camera+ creator, came up with a solution called VolumeSnap. This feature would allow using the iPhone volume controls to take a photo. However, Apple denied the company's app update submission, since it violates the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. However, a reader at TiPb found a workaround solution:
UPDATE: Flo from just let us know that there is way to enable VolumeSnap on the current version of Camera+. Just visit camplus://enablevolumesnap in mobile Safari. Doing so will launch Camera+ and VolumeSnap just works. There is a possibility that doing this will disable the volume control to your iPhone, but closing Camera+ from the multitasking dock quickly fixes it. To disable VolumeSnap, visit camplus://disablevolumesnap in mobile Safari.
The solution works seamlessly and frees up one of your hands when taking a photo. Until tap tap tap and Apple hash out a way to include VolumeSnap in the app, this brilliant work-around is perfect. The Camera+ iPhone app is available in the App Store.

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