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Google Finance Gets A Brand New iPhone WebApp

Google Finance Gets A Brand New iPhone WebApp

August 25, 2010
Good news for all of you fans of Google's Finance portal as it just has been updated to be more friendly to mobile browsers. Just like it did with YouTube in July, the company has found a way to bring amazing content to the iPhone/iPod touch without going through Apple's app approval process. The new Google Finance mobile website certainly looks a lot like an app. You enter a ticket symbol or company name in the search box. From there, you are presented with company information in a format perfect for iPhone's small screen. You get recent quotes, market charts, and the latest financial news headlines.

Plus, if you are already using Google to track your portfolio, that information is presented as well. The site is not perfect, but certainly better than its previous release. Google still hasn't found a way to format linked articles for the iPhone. For example, when I clicked on an article about Apple's new iTV from The Street, it took me to the full-screen website, which might be difficult to read on the iPhone.

The new Google Finance mobile website is available now, on your iPhone.

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