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QuickAdvice: Keep Notes Organized in Chapters

QuickAdvice: Keep Notes Organized in Chapters

August 17, 2010
Chapters - Notebooks for Writing by Steven Romej icon

Chapters - Notebooks for Writing ($3.99) by Steven Romej is a note taking app that has the same format as Chronicles, reviewed last week here on AppAdvice.

Chapters is very similar to the iPad version of Chronicle, almost to the point where you may ask 'what's the point of Chapters?'

Well, if you recall from the posts on Chronicle, that was specifically a journaling app. So all entries were just thrown into one book - everything is mashed together, there's no way to separate entries into specific categories.

This is why Chapters was developed. Chapters allows the user to create various notebooks in which to keep entries separated from each other by topic, category, interest, or anything you can think of. The notebook screen will be the first thing once the app is launched the first time, and can be easily accessed with the little 'home' button when viewing the contents of a notebook.

Chapters - Notebooks for Writing by Steven Romej screenshot

Once we get into the entries, that's where everything is pretty much the same as Chronicle. Get the text in first, then you can edit the fonts and add pictures and change the icon of the entry. Pictures can be moved around the entry freely and can be zoomed in or out, but the problem of covering text is still there. All of this can be accessed in either portrait or landscape mode.

Entries can be emailed (complete with pictures) from within the app. There is also the option to export all entries (text only) using Google Docs sync or by e-mail. There is also the option to export as a website file, which can be transferred to your computer via the iTunes File Sharing capability when syncing your iPad.

The main screen where you can view all your notebooks really reminds me of the Pages app for the iPad - the layout is very similar to creating a new document. Overall it's a very nice feel to the app that makes it a great note taking app, just like the journaling counterpart, Chronicle.

If you in need of a way to organize your notes by various notebooks on the iPad, Chapters is worth a look.

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