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QuickAdvice: Shorten Your URLs With Flair In RFly.Me Mobile

QuickAdvice: Shorten Your URLs With Flair In RFly.Me Mobile

August 29, 2010
RFly.Me Mobile by RazorianFly Limited icon

RFly.Me Mobile (Free) by RazorianFly Limited is the debut application of RazorianFly Limited.

URL shortening is all the rage nowadays in social media, so why not do it with some flair?

The RFly.Me URL shortening service is still fairly new, but is closing in on 1 million clicks soon. To celebrate, the folks over at have finally brought it to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

When you open the app, you'l get a fairly basic screen with some awesome background images cycling through in the back.

RFly.Me Mobile by RazorianFly Limited screenshot

Simply type in or paste the link that you want to shorten in the first field with the blue arrow. Hit the green Shorten button to get a link and then you can share it!

There are three ways to share a link from the app. Twitter, email, or in-app SMS. With Twitter, you'll have to log in to your account (information will be saved every time you tweet). You'll have your link and a stylish bullet point that separates your link and text, something that is missing in other shorteners. Hit the blue button with the check mark to send it, or the red button with the X if you change your mind.

Email will simply send out a message with default subject heading "Check out this link..." and the link already pasted into the body of the message. Add your recipient(s), edit the subject and add some body text if you choose, and send it! Sharing by SMS will utilize in-app SMS, and will include the default message "check out this link!" wit the bullet point separating the link from text. Pick recipients, edit message, and send. All done!

RFly.Me Mobile by RazorianFly Limited screenshot

The app also contains iAds, if you're into that sort of thing.

Whether you've already been a user of the RFly.Me URL shortening service or are in search of a new shortener service, you can't really go wrong with this app.

The graphics are all optimized for the iPhone 4's Retina display already, and the backgrounds are all made from designer Arron Hirst, who has some of the most creative backgrounds I've seen (and use on my iPhone). The app is super easy to use and is stable.

If it's missing anything, I would say it is missing Facebook integration. There's Twitter, so why not Facebook? Maybe it can appear in a future update from the developers. But it's not a big deal since you can just copy the link and paste it in the Facebook app. It would be nice though.

End your search for a URL shortener for your iPhone with RFly.Me Mobile. At the attractive price of free, why not?

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