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Rapid Review: Let's Create Pottery HD

August 2, 2010

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Let's create! Pottery HD ($4.99) by Infinite Dreams Inc. is a rather unique app where you create pottery with your fingers from molding the clay, to firing it, painting it, and finally sharing it. The app has an ordering system where you can make specific pottery, or you can make whatever you please and sell it. As you earn money you can buy new colors and brushes to decorate your pottery.


The app is extremely well made to make it rather effortless to shape and form the clay into all kinds of shaped pottery. You simply place your fingers on both sides of the spinning clay, and either pinch or expand to whichever section you please. Once you’ve made it in the form you want, you simply fire it to have a solid vase, cup, jar, etc.

Then it’s on to decorating your pottery with various colors and brushes. The colors are self explanatory, but the brushes come from various cultures including Greek, Egyptian, Aztec, Neanderthal, and Japanese with 11 in total. Once you’re done you can share your creation via e-mail only, and then sell it at auction to earn more money to buy more brushes.

To keep you coming back there is an inbox where you get new orders to create specific pieces of pottery, and will be paid for your services. This feature really adds variability, and incentive to keep going. Once you get past a few introductory orders, you will get new orders only after you create one or two of your own pieces of pottery.


As you’re creating orders there are two scales that indicate the accuracy of the shape, and the decoration to the requested piece. The app is an easier experience than actual pottery, but is extremely well made to create a rather close digital representation. It’s relaxing with the blurred tree background, and slight sounds of nature as you see the clay wonderfully spinning in the foreground.

You can be as fast or as slow as you want, but it’s enjoyable every time. For $4.99 Let’s Create Pottery HD is worth picking up for something different that is plenty engaging and time well spent.

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Let's create! Pottery HD
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