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Rapid Review: Meow Meow Happy Fight - A Cute Dual Stick Shooter?

August 9, 2010

QuickAdvice: Meow Meow Happy Fight

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Meow Meow Happy Fight ($0.99) by Big Pixel Studios brings cuteness to the dual stick shooter giving you a crazy themed fragging contest, arena style. You're transported to a neon themed world based in Tokyo with definite ties to anime, and of course happy cats. Every level is a free for all battle against AI opponents where your goal is to get the most kills in the time limit.

Meow Meow Happy Fight by Big Pixel Studios screenshot

The game is straight forward with the simple familiar dual stick controls, and the simple goal to kill all you see. From level to level you face tougher enemies as well as more power-ups to really amp up the action. There are 24 levels overall with six different environments.

The game gives you plenty to do with a different challenge for each level with new enemies, and new strategies to face. You earn happy points for every level which you can use to buy new characters to play as. OpenFeint is also included for online high scores and achievements with adding more to earn.

The enemies are always coming at you, so you need skill and strategy to counteract the attacks of three enemies all looking out for themselves. You will need power-ups such as fire, ice, health, speed, and even barrels that explode on contact. The art style is great to see, and something nice and unique for the dual stick shooter.

Meow Meow Happy Fight by Big Pixel Studios screenshot

One main problem is that you don't know the health of your enemies as you're firing away at them, until they die. This is rather annoying after you've been firing on an enemy for awhile. There are multiple environments, but the level layouts are small which is good for action, but bad for variability.

Though there are multiple levels they all play the same because it's the same objective. Meow Meow Happy Fight is a solid dual stick shooter with a unique cute style which makes the genre more friendly to players who are turned off by the blood you see in others. The game is worth considering for $0.99 depending on how many other dual stick shooters you already own.

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