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Review: Fotopedia Heritage - Traveling Photobook

Review: Fotopedia Heritage - Traveling Photobook

August 17, 2010


We don’t normally review free apps, because normally free apps aren’t as worthwhile as paid apps. Well Fotopedia Heritage is different than the typical free app, and it’s universal for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad owners to download. The app gives you a huge collection of photos from various landmarks across the world of some places you know, and some you don’t.


There are 20,000 photos total that are split up across 300 points of interest. You can view them in the developer’s order or search in map view for different points of interest. You can find out more information about any site from UNESCO and Wikipedia descriptions.

The Good

This is truly an app unlike any other that takes you to these locations with amazing photos. You can scroll through 250 chosen images by the developers, and if one peaks your interest you can look at about 20 different images of that location. Just simply going through all 250 pictures is an enjoyable time as you see ones you know, and see locations you’ve never even heard of. Not only are there great pictures, but each one tells exactly where it is, and then you can find out research info about the location. It’s great to see, and then learn about different locations that you’re unfamiliar with. As you’re scrolling through the pictures you realize just how beautiful the planet we live on is, and how many locations there are to visit in person. With 20,000 photos total this app can be on your idevice for a long time to come. It’s great searching in map view to find potential travel destinations, and learn about certain parts of the globe. For instance it always is amazing how many beautiful locations are in New Zealand, and it’s free to get a glimpse of some of it in the meantime of saving up to travel to the place. The iPad version is outstanding, as you see these pictures in such high resolution on the big screen. You can look at these pictures with family and friends with such crispness and color. The iPhone version isn’t too shabby, it just is so small compared to the mesmerizing iPad version. The app features a smooth interface to simply flip through pictures effortlessly, and bring up information with one tap.

The Bad

There really isn’t much to complain about this app since it’s free, and so well made. Maybe a potential problem is that after seeing these photos you may want to travel to a spot of particular interest to you which will cost a whole bunch of money after getting one app for free.

The Verdict

Fotopedia Heritage is one of the best iPad apps there is, and it’s surprisingly free. It’s extremely well made to give you a plethora of amazing photographs at your fingertips. Fotopedia Heritage should be installed on every idevice as there is no excuse not to, because it’s free!

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