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Review: No, Human - Space The Final Frontier - Plus Win A Copy!

Review: No, Human - Space The Final Frontier - Plus Win A Copy!

August 27, 2010


Space, the final boldly go where no human has gone before. Well the universe doesn't act too kindly to these words, and now is making sure there is no human in space. Or at least that's the premise for the new iPhone game No, Human which is a physics based puzzler where you hurtle asteroids at various human spacecrafts.


There are 50 levels of physics action that deal with force, trajectory, and gravity. Your goal is to destroy the spacecrafts as much as you can, and if you don't use all the asteroids there is a bonus. There will be space rocks, gravity rocks, and comets in your way as you try to slam into the humans.

The Good

If you like physics puzzles that you'll definitely enjoy No Human which adds some nice new elements to the genre. One of the best aspects is that you can simply fling the asteroid with your finger to directly influence how much speed they fire at. You just seem so much more in control than other physics puzzlers, and then to see the destruction directly from your actions is plenty rewarding. The game is really nicely designed with 3D objects that interact well with each other when the asteroid makes contact with the spacecraft the camera zooms in on the destruction, and there is always a different animation dependent on the force. The physics engine is well done for the items to destruct accurately depending on the force, and the point of impact. Then there is the metal crushing sound of impact, though that is the only sound in the game as you are in the vacuum of space. The game presents a simple mechanic that increases in difficulty well, and is opened up for anyone to enjoy. All you do is flick the asteroid, but soon you'll have to bounce off space rocks, and deal with gravity to make it to the spacecrafts.

The Bad

The game has fifty levels, but they're extremely short with only one or two flicks per level. You'll get through them all in about an hour, and maybe a little longer if you replay a few levels out of difficulty. The game features an online high score table for your overall score for all fifty levels though it doesn't add much to replay. Once you've played through the levels you won't want to play again. The mechanic itself is simple to make it appeal to a wide audience, but in its simplicity it becomes rather monotonous.

The Verdict

No Human is a well made physics puzzle game that will be an enjoyable time through all 50 levels. There isn't much replay, and you'll get through the game rather quickly. It's a unique theme of destroying humanity, but it's done in a fun loving way, and really brings a lot of fun to physics puzzle games. For $1.99 No Human is worth considering depending on how many physics puzzle games you already own. It's a universal app, and looks really great on the iPad, and allows a little more precision in flicking. ***To win one of two promo codes for No, Human simple leave a comment below telling us what you think of screen casts taken directly from the iPhone. The included video was taken from an iPhone, and it would help to know if our readers would like this? If so we will include it as often as we can. Please leave a valid e-mail address so we can send you the code. US iTunes only, and the contest ends tomorrow 8/28 at 11:59 PM PDT. Good Luck!

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