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Rumor: Leaked 4G iPod Touch Shots Hit The Web

August 5, 2010

Apple is obviously very careful about sharing any sort of information on their upcoming products with third-parties. For secrecy reasons, they usually just don’t share their secrets. Most of the time, this leads to case manufacturers having to guess Apple’s designs in an effort to have products ready in a timely manner.

For its upcoming fourth generation iPod touch however, Apple apparently decided to give the heads up to some case manufacturer, according to HardMac. The information, of course, leaked and the picture above is reportedly what the shape of the next iPod touch will be like. As you can see, the back is rounded and features a camera with flash. Didn't we expect the latter already? Well yes, but if this is really coming from a case manufacturer then we can now feel a lot more confident about it. However, the design itself is a bit surprising as the iPod touch's look normally follows the iPhone's closely, and was now expected to be more of a block. Also, I'm not seeing that widely reported front-facing camera for FaceTime... Guess we'll find out next month.

As to whether this is legit, HardMac claims it comes from the same source that outed Apple's iPod mini with camera last year. That's no guarantee, but they at least get the benefit of the doubt.

What do you think?

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