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Soon You Will Be Able To Tilt To Live On Your iPad

Soon You Will Be Able To Tilt To Live On Your iPad

August 16, 2010
What could possibly be more exhilarating than Tilt to Live on your iPhone?  Any guesses?  Tilt to Live on your iPad, of course! One Man Left Studios has officially announced that Tilt to Live HD for iPad will be hitting the App Store next month, and it won't just be sporting optimized graphics. Tilt to Live HD will feature higher resolution graphics to complement the iPad's large and beautiful display, but that's only the first bullet point on the list of new.  The game will also feature four times the arena space of the original, which will certainly test your tilting skills since there will be more ground to cover, optimized tilt controls and new weapon effects. All four of the iPhone version's game modes will be returning in HD form, along with all of the crazy unlockable weapons, each of which will sport the new effects mentioned above. AGON will once again be the service supplying the awards, which will apparently be rebalanced, and leaderboards. But that's not even the biggest news.  Tilt to Live HD will be available for free! Well, sort of.  The free version of the game will include the classic game mode with its own demo leaderboard.  You will also have four weapons at your disposal: the nuke, blastwave, cluster missiles and ice blast.  If you want to unlock the rest of the game, including the additional weapons, game modes and awards, you will have to pony up $3.99 via in-app purchase.  At least you will be able to test it out for free to see if your hands can hold up to the iPad's added weight. Tilt to Live HD should be hitting the App Store sometime this September.  Keep an eye out as August comes to an end.

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