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Apple Revamps Movie Trailer Site To Include Showtimes

Apple Revamps Movie Trailer Site To Include Showtimes

September 5, 2010
Apple has made it easier to find movie trailers as well as showtimes and added the ability to automatically find your nearest theater. This is thanks to a revamped iTunes Movie Trailers Showtimes site. Best of all, the site uses HTML5, meaning you can use it on any of your iOS devices! To use the site, users simply type in their zip code or allow it to find those movie theaters closest to your location using your device's GPS capabilities.  Your local movies are then listed by name and with its movie poster. Once you click on the movie, you will get a full listing of upcoming showtimes all within a fancy looking timeline graph. Past showings are shown in gray, with bargain showings in green and upcoming shows in blue. If your theater participates with's online ticketing service, you can buy your tickets online. If not, you will be redirected to your theater's own website. The new iTunes Movie Trailers Showtimes page is also tied to Google Maps. This allows users to obtain directions to their theater. This is perfect for people on the run.

Of course, the movie trailers are also pretty good too! All of this is provided without Flash support, which is very nice. After all, Flash isn't available on the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch. The site is not formatted for viewing on an iPhone without lots of zooming. The information is there, but in a font size that isn't easy on the eyes. This is my only criticism. Apple's new iTunes Movie Trailers Showtimes site site is available now.

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