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Buyer Beware: What Is Triniti Interactive Doing?

Buyer Beware: What Is Triniti Interactive Doing?

September 29, 2010
Most know of Triniti Interactive through their All-In-1 Gamebox which is quite an achievement giving you a ton of gaming for only $0.99. That isn't the problem with Triniti Interactive, the problem is their more recent efforts which really make you question what exactly they’re trying to do. Their games have been blatant copies of more successful indie titles. They're just rebranding the games with a new skin, and the games aren't nearly as good. To make matters worse, especially for the consumer, is that they release separate titles, but soon add them to the All-In-1 Gamebox. That is the main reason for buyers to beware of Triniti Interactive because you may end up buying something that will be part of a free update to an app you already own.

Zombieville USA & Dino Cap

The copies though are offensive in their own right starting with Dino Cap which was released as a stand alone app on May 29th, and then added to the Gamebox on June 13th. The game is exactly like Zombieville USA with no varying features or gameplay elements. You're just shooting at dinosaurs rather than zombies, but the same gun types, level set-up, and melee attacks are included. The game doesn't even try to hide it, and it's definitely highly polished in the visuals department. The gameplay though while similar is much easier, and with the lack of challenge becomes extremely boring.

Doodle army & Desert Slug

A more recent Triniti game is Desert Slug which is just like Doodle Army, but with the typical Triniti style graphics instead of doodle graphics. The game has the same level design, gameplay mechanic, and control scheme. The problem is that the game controls simply don't work very well especially in comparison to the smooth Doodle Army controls, and again it's painfully easy and slow moving.

Coast Defense & Coastal Super Combat

To completel the Triniti there is a third game which we covered called Coastal Super Combat which is a knock off of Coast Defense. It's exactly the same, but with cartoon graphics that are reminiscent of Fieldrunners, and the gameplay is again overly simplified. There is just no challenge in any of these games, and that leaves out the fun as well.

The Verdict

Now Triniti isn't the only company making games based off of others, but all their games do this. It would be nice to see any kind of uniqueness in game development. Or at least adding new variations to the game style, and at least making games worth playing even if they are knock offs. These boring copies will soon be in the All-In1 Gamebox so don't waste your time on any of the stand alone versions. A really well built game is worth so much more than 35 lower level copies. Buyer beware Triniti Interactive is an iPhone developer to stay away from.

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