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Google Unveils Advertising Beta For Its Map Application

Google Unveils Advertising Beta For Its Map Application

September 8, 2010
Whenever you use your iPhone to find the nearest gas station, you actually put some money into Google's expanding coffers. This news comes from the company itself, which unveiled a new way it plans to make money from its Maps application. On the iPhone/iPod touch (or iPad for that matter), each time you search for something in the Maps app and a business logo shows up, it was put there for a fee, paid for by the advertiser.

According to Google:
Advertisers pay to have their company logos appear on the map, and to help you remember their locations the next time you're in the area. Sponsored map icons are being offered as a limited beta to companies in the U.S. with multiple locations and a well-known brand. Participation in this beta does not affect visibility on the map; the new feature is only available to businesses that already appear on the map, and whose default icons can be swapped out for their logo.
The same goes for anytime the Google Maps application is embedded inside another app or website.

I certainly don't have a problem with this news. After all, it's certainly nice to know what type of gas station, for example, is up the road. By providing well-known company logos, Google makes it easier for consumers and helps businesses get their names out there. Google expects to implement this newest initiative over the next few weeks and months. Watch for company logos on your iPhone soon!

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