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What's New In iOS 4.2 - 10+ New Features

What's New In iOS 4.2 - 10+ New Features

September 16, 2010
***Update: Looking for the latest additions? Go check out the GM version here and download the AppAdvice App! With the release of the iOS 4.2 Beta 1 yesterday, Apple has brought a plethora of new features to iOS. As with every iteration, we thought we would give you a roundup of what we and the web have found that is new.

iPad Compatibility

First of all, iOS 4.2 is a unification release. It finally brings the iPad up to speed, and it will hopefully stay that way from now on. The iPad is therefore getting all the features we know and enjoy on our iPhones, features such as: multitasking, a unified email inbox, Game Center and folders.


AirPlay is a new feature that allows you to stream all kinds of content from your iPad to AirPlay-enabled devices, like the Apple TV. Here it is in the YouTube app (via iSpazio):

and in iTunes:


We wrote earlier today about AirPrintAirPrint will let you print from your iOS devices and their apps, over the air, to either shared or AirPrint-enabled printers. Here it is on video:

Changed iPad toggles

On the iPad, the screen orientation lock switch becomes a software function in the multitasking bar, and the hardware switch will now work to mute sound, as detailed by Casey. Also, you can now fine tune the backlight through the multitasking bar:

In-Page Search

Safari now allows you to search for words in the currently open web page. It works great, and once activated via the search entry box, it is further controlled on the iPad through a bar that appears at the bottom:

Links for More Video in the Video App

You can now jump directly to the iTunes app from the Video app to download more videos (via AI):

YouTube Like/Dislike

The YouTube app in iOS 4.2 allows you to either like or dislike videos and see how popular they are. Both on the iPad:

and the iPhone (via iSpazio):

FaceTime Button in SMS App

You can now directly start a FaceTime call from a text (via AI):

New Parental Controls

You can now block FaceTime usage, as well as, installing or deleting apps (via AI):

MIDI Support

Apple has added a MIDI framework that will allow developers to add MIDI-capabilities to their apps. We're very curious to see what they'll do with it.

iPhone Ringtone Volume

You can now control your iPhone's ringtone volume independently from the system volume (via iSpazio):

That's it for now folks. Pretty nice, right? As usual, we'll keep looking for more. Also, the feature list is definitely not complete, as iOS 4.2 will not become publicly available for two months, which leaves a lot of time for Apple to come up with more new goodies.

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