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Comfort Anywhere For You & Your iPad With The iPad Pillow Stand

Comfort Anywhere For You & Your iPad With The iPad Pillow Stand

September 4, 2010
The iPad does a really great job of letting you watch TV shows and movies in places like your bed, especially using apps like Air Video. The thing is, most stands, including Apple's official one, don't really allow you to keep your iPad in the right position on soft surfaces. Of course, you can always just hold it in your hands, but as you know, that can get tiring. Well, the folks over at came up with an interesting product which might very well solve this problem; the iPad Pillow. Their iPad Pillow stand, which is basically a small pillow with some hooks, can keep your iPad straight when in bed or on a couch, for maximum viewing pleasure. Thanks to the fact that it's incredibly stable, it will also work beautifully on a plane. Using the iPad Pillow will eliminate having to worry about turbulence knocking over your iPad. Then, when you get tired, it doubles as a pillow for your head, allowing you to catch some Zzz's, making it a great travel accessory.

You can snag one over at GadgetFreeway for about $29.99 plus shipping, and I must admit, I'm kinda tempted.

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