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QuickAdvice: Find The Right Foods With Caloricious

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Caloricious ($2.99) by Caloricious Inc., is an app to help you find the right foods for you.

Are you a health-conscious person? Then Caloricious (the healthy food finder) is here to help.

If you've ever gone to the grocery store without an idea of what you're looking for because of a new diet or something like that, then you know that it can be a real pain. Well Caloricious is a refined food searching tool that will make it easy for you to help find your new favorites.

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Once the app starts up, you'll be on the Search tab. Just type in anything you're looking for here - it will bring up results as you type. Similarly, you can browse the various categories and subcategories of food in the Browse tab. If you find a product you want to know more about, just select it and you get a nicely detailed information screen. Products can be sorted in various ways as well, by Relevance, Product Name, or Calories (low to high, high to low), for example.

On the product information screen, you'll get a ink to the company website and online store, if available. There is a 'Nutrition and Allergens' section, which will give you tons of useful info. The biggest piece of information you can obtain about a food is with the Nutrition Label - it's the same as the ones on the product themselves. This eliminates any need to have to search for it yourself online or even making a trip to the market in hopes of finding a specific item.

You can find what's good and bad in a product as well, which are easily identifiable with the green and red text. If there are any additives, they will be listed in the Additives section. Any allergen info will be shown in the Allergens tab, which will say something like 'Does not contain gluten,' etc. Additionally, if there are any user reviews left about a product, they can be viewed with the 'Show Reviews' option.

All products that you view can be added to a list for future reference, in case you make a trip to the grocery store. In this screen you can also edit the quantity of the product you want to buy, or delete it from your list.

Overall, if you're a health-conscious person that needs to know how many calories you're taking in from foods you can get at markets, then this is perfect for you. You won't find any fast food or restaurant food though, so keep that in mind. But it's pretty good for what it offers.

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QuickAdvice: Find The Right Foods With Caloricious

QuickAdvice: Find The Right Foods With Caloricious