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QuickAdvice: Glowing App Icons - Make Your Icons Glow

QuickAdvice: Glowing App Icons - Make Your Icons Glow

September 29, 2010
Glowing App Icons by Big Blue Clip, LLC icon

Glowing App Icons (Free) by Big Blue Clip, LLC lets you create your own unique wallpapers. Do you like to change your home screen’s wallpaper frequently? Do you like each app or app folder to have its own little home square -- a glowing one, no less? Read on to find out how you can do just that.

Alexander Vaughn found this little gem and put it in AppFresh Daily. Robin Rhys talked about it in Appisode 192 . I just had to test it out!
Glowing App Icons by Big Blue Clip, LLC screenshot

With the ability to personalize the home screen in iOS 4, I am always looking for interesting and clever wallpapers. I like the idea of having a little box for each of my apps or app folders, so I was excited to be able to create my own.

Start by tapping “Background”. Select “Solid” if you want to create a solid color background. You get an unlimited rainbow palette of color from which to choose. Or, choose “Image” to select one of their stock backgrounds, ranging from patterns to nature photography to abstract art. Or best of all, you can tap the camera icon to choose a background from your own camera roll. So, if you have other wallpaper apps, you can use this one to jazz up other images you’ve saved.

Once you have your background, tap “Glow” to choose your squares’ glow color. Again, you get ROY G BIV and every gradation of color in between from which to choose your cozy little glowing app homes.

Once you have selected your glow squares and your background, tap “Preview” to see what your home screen will look like when it’s loaded with apps. Tap “Save It” to save the wallpaper you’ve created. When you save your image, instructions on how to set you wallpaper will pop up.

Yes, there are ads, but considering we’re getting full functionality in a free app, I can’t really complain.

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