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QuickAdvice: Notesy Brings Fast And Easy Notes To Your iPhone

QuickAdvice: Notesy Brings Fast And Easy Notes To Your iPhone

September 14, 2010
Notesy by David Findlay icon

Notesy ($0.99) by David Findlay is an app that gives you fast and easy notes on your iPhone and iPod Touch, with an added bonus of over-the-cloud syncing via Dropbox.

If you're still using the default Notes app on your iPhone or iPod Touch - why? There are plenty of third party apps that can replace it, and now we have a new one to throw into the mix - Notesy.

The first thing you'll want to do when the app launches is to link your Dropbox account. Once that's set up, you're good to go!

Notesy by David Findlay screenshot

If the reason for still using the default Notes is that it's quicker than most other note apps, well that reason dies this instant. Notesy is one of the quickest note taking apps I've seen, and it provides a clean and simplistic interface that is similar to the Notes app. The main screen is a listing of all your current notes on a graphically pleasing textured surface of paper on a cardboard background.

Notes that have been synced via Dropbox will have a green check symbol on them. Any notes that are being uploaded or updated will have a blue 'refresh' symbol to notify the user that it's being sent to the cloud. If you decide to not link to your Dropbox account, then there will be none of these symbols (but why would you not link to Dropbox?).

The app will create a new folder in your Dropbox called 'notesy' and will be accessible from all your devices. The notes you create in Notesy will be saved as .txt files.

When creating a new note, the first thing you'll be prompted to enter is a title. No title? That's ok, it'll just be called 'New Note.' The good thing about this though, is that you can always go back to the note and rename it with the individual note options.

As you're writing, you can also pick from Fixed Width Font or Variable Width Font from the note options (represented by the 'share' icon). You can email the note from here as well, in which it will take your text and paste it into a new email message. What about having a spare copy just in case? Duplicate notes can be made from this menu option as well.

Notesy by David Findlay screenshot

Are you looking for a specific note that you wrote a while back but don't remember where it is? There's a search option that will bring up results as you type so you are sure you won't miss anything. The entire note is searched, not just the title, so you can be sure you don't miss anything.

Changed your mind about a note? Just trash it from the editing screen with the trash icon or swipe to delete on the main listing. Be careful though, there's no way to recover these notes, so use that option sparingly.

There's no additional settings in the app besides the Dropbox account settings, but that's ok. This app is designed to be a replacement for the default Notes app, so it doesn't necessarily need all the bells-and-whistles of other, more fully-featured, note apps.

For a 1.0 product, this app is fairly good. It's fast, simple, and light, while being pleasing to the eye. If you have a buck to spare and need a note taking app to replace Notes, then this is a good use of your cash.

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