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QuickAdvice: Shake Up Your Photos With PhotoShake

QuickAdvice: Shake Up Your Photos With PhotoShake

September 18, 2010
PhotoShake! by icon

PhotoShake! ($1.99) by lets users add a little pizazz to their iPhone photos or combine multiple photos into one fun photo collage.

There are five photo options in PhotoShake, and each one is fun to make. Single, Multi, Grid, Wide, and Wallpaper photos are all available for you to unleash your creativity on.

PhotoShake! by screenshot

Single photos just lets you add one photo at a time. Multiple allows you to rearrange several pictures into a collage (shake the phone to get a random arrangement) and pick the one you like the best to edit. Grids work best with about 9 photos and shaking will only rearrange the photo order, not the grid size (if less than 9, random color squares will fill up empty slots). Wide photos will create photo strips, and Wallpaper will create simple, clean images that you can use for your iPhone lock screen.

Whatever option you choose, you can choose from photos in your device photo library or choose to take some new ones from the Camera. If you have some photos already copied to the device clipboard, then you can also paste them in. Changed your mind about a photo going in the collage? Tap and hold it to delete it (nifty!).

The next step involves editing. You can either shake the device to get random layouts or hit the Edit tab to manually select a layout. There will be three tabs to choose from for editing: Frame Layout, Photo Editing Tools, and Balloon Editing Tools.

PhotoShake! by screenshot

Frame layout has options for changing the frame, handles (sections of each photo), borders, corners, and the frame and background color. Photo editing has options to flip or hide photos, fill color, photo effects for single or all photos (depending on your initial selection at the main menu). Balloon editing gives you options for new speech balloons, balloon shadows and transparency, color, as well as various fonts and sizes.

Once your photo or collage is done, the last step is the Share tab. There's plenty of options here: Preview your work, Save Photo to your device camera roll, e-mail it, or upload it to one of five social network sites. Since there's five, there's going to be at least one that you'll use [I hope]. Networks included are: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and me2DAY. Enter your credentials for each one, edit the caption or description, and send it - it will post immediately.

This is a fantastic little social photo app that should definitely be considered if you do a lot of photo sharing with friends and family. For the price of $1.99, there actually is a lot of stuff to work with in here.

Get it - you won't regret this purchase.

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