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Rapid Review: Huge Worm - Another Big Worm?

Rapid Review: Huge Worm - Another Big Worm?

September 8, 2010
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HugeWorm ($0.99) by EdisonGame Gigantic worms bent on destruction seem to be the next ‘big’ thing in the App Store with the success of Super Mega Worm. Like Super Mega Worm, Huge Worm is based off the original game called Death Worm, and the flash game Effing Worms. Huge Worm is very similar to Effing Worms, so take a look at the link above to get an understanding of what follows.

HugeWorm by EdisonGame screenshot

Huge Worm isn’t nearly as complex or unique as Super Mega Worm which added style and gameplay mechanics to the original concept. Huge Worm just feels like a port of Effing Worms with not much variation at all. It’s the same visual style from the opening screen, and same level set-up and upgrades. Not only that, but Huge Worm moves at a slower pace, and there are no combos.

The game uses tilt controls which practically don’t work which prevents you from doing well at this game. You have to tilt in all four directions, and you can never do anything precisely. The game features edible objects in the air, but the game is set up so you can’t reach them too easily, and you’ll lose pretty quickly when they’re the only things to eat.

The game doesn’t offer the same power upgrades as Super Mega Worm like EMP blast, and spit capability, and instead you just get speed and health upgrades. There are online high scores via OpenFeint which aren’t in Super Mega Worm, but the gameplay is so bad, the scores are irrelevant. The controls really get in the way of any kind of enjoyment with this game.

Even for $0.99 Huge Worm isn’t worth picking up, and it’s one to steer clear of. If you’re remotely interested just play the free flash game.

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