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Review: Amplitube - A Full Guitar Rig In Your Pocket

Review: Amplitube - A Full Guitar Rig In Your Pocket

September 22, 2010


Amplitube is an application from IK Multimedia directed towards musicians who play either guitar or bass guitar. Combine Amplitube with iRig, IK Multimedia's interface for hooking up a guitar to an iDevice, and back out to an amp/speaker/headphones. The application contains virtual pedals, which apply effects such as distortion, chorus, or flanger sounds to your guitar. Also included is various tools for musicians, such as a metronome and guitar tuner.


The application features eleven stompboxes, five amps, five cabinets, and two mics, providing a great set-up for guitarists. Additionally, you can save up to 36 presets, play along to songs on your iDevice, use the built-in metronome and tuner, and since the application has low latency, it can even be used for live shows. When using the application, you can use three stompboxs plus an amp, a cabinet, and a mic simultaneously.

The Good

This application does exactly what's expected: provides real-time guitar and bass effects. Compared to physical stompboxes, the quality is outstanding. The sounds of the effects are tremendous. Amplitube's interface may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but users can quickly adapt. The tuner and metronome work just as expected. All of the stompboxes and amps have changeable settings to give users the ability to add their own edge on customization.

The Bad

Although this application is outstanding, but I do have one major complaint: there is no multi-tasking. I hate having to exit out of Amplitube, check one message, open it back up, and wait for it to load again. It would be outstanding if this application could work even while on another application. For instance, imagine being able to use this application while reading guitar tabs, recording a voice memo, or even while on a FaceTime call. The possibilities are basically endless.

The Verdict

Overall, if you are a musician looking for an effects rig, this will be perfect for you. This application is definitely worth the price tag of $20, considering most individual effects cost around $80. If you aren't yet too sure about the price, be sure to check out the free and light editions!

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