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Review: Mr. Bill - Ooohhh Yeeesss?

Review: Mr. Bill - Ooohhh Yeeesss?

September 25, 2010


The good news is that Mr. Bill has gotten a job, and a game, but the bad news is he's a human cannonball in the circus, ooohhhh, nooooo! The little clay guy from the old days of Saturday Night Live is now on the iPhone as a side scrolling adventure. You launch Mr. Bill, and try to get him all the way to the end through the air using various elements along the way, and tapping to flutter.


The game includes two jobs with each one providing a story and endless mode. The story modes includes 14 levels each putting you in the circus and on the farm respectively. Every level has certain objectives of different objects to use on your flight, which includes clowns, seals, flying trapeezes, balloons, crows, scarecrows, and windmills to name a few.

The Good

This game is east to pick up and play and tons of fun as you launch, and try to keep afloat throughout the various levels. Each level is filled with objects some good and some bad that keep you on your toes throughout the flight. You tap for Mr. Bill to flap his arms to keep afloat, but this requires energy which depletes quickly, and can only be replenished by snagging some of the food in the sky. You can't just flutter to the end so you'll need to use any objects that will launch you forward like the clowns, seal, trapeze, etc. There are also harmful objects like fire breathers, lions, and stakes to avoid. You always have the chance of running out of energy, and simply falling to the ground, so you need to be conscious of eating. In every level you just need to make it to the end, but to perfect a level you need to eat a certain number of items, or use all of a certain type of object adding to the challenge. There are so many objectives at once that the simple mechanic becomes quite complex. The level set ups are very intricate which will most likely require multiple replays to beat them. There are two completely different areas with 14 levels each, and then there are the endless modes as well to keep you launching Mr. Bill for a long time. All the animations are great to see Mr. Bill manipulated by all the various objects. As great as it feels to finally complete a complex level it's always enjoyable to see Mr. Bill harmed by one of the obstacles. The game has a great cartoon art style throughout and plenty of detail in both of the different areas. There are soundtracks for the circus and farm that are coupled with the various sound effects of Mr. Bill. There is constant danger and Mr. Bill has the right sound effects to go with it. Whether you remember Mr. Bill or never heard of him you'll have a lot of fun with this game, but obviously more if you know the Mr. Bill schtick.

The Bad

The game can be a little frustrating as the later levels become quite complex. You lose often, and it would nice to see some more losing animations and sound effects. The endless mode is fun, but the lack of online high scores takes some of it away.

The Verdict

Mr. Bill is a great game by offering a different mechanic that is tons of fun. There are all kinds of objectives and challenges along the way with multiple levels and modes to keep you playing. The game has a great theme and style that offers humor to the already good game mechanic. For $0.99 Mr Bill is a should buy, and even higher if you've heard of Mr. Bill before. This is definitely a game to make Mr. Bill say ooohhh yeeesss instead of the typical ooohhh nnnooo! Check out the classic Mr. Bill circus clip, and the more recent Mastercard commercial below.

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