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Review: Coastal Super-Combat - Coast Defense Plus Fieldrunners?


Your mission is to defend your base from invaders via the coastline by shooting them down rather than flicking them around. The game is from the developers of All In 1 Gamebox in a style reminiscent of Coast Defense with characters looking like they came from Fieldrunners. You drag your finger on screen to aim your gun, and then tap the fire button in the bottom corner.


There are over 100 levels where you will face 11 enemy types with most being machine based. There are ten types of weapons to use through a shop system which also includes three special devastating weapons and upgrades to your base.

The Good

The game style is unique for Castle Defense as it's similar to what Coast Defense achieved. Rather than flicking over and over you just tap on the fire button over and over as you drag your finger to aim, and tilt the screen to pan the camera. The game controls smoothly, and there are a number of missions included though there isn't much variation in them. The game has a nice cartoon art style that is reminiscent of Fieldrunners down to the red coats. The backgrounds change between missions, and the various explosion animations are nice to see killing the enemies. There is a quality military soundtrack coupled with various gun fire and explosion sound effects.

The Bad

The game is nearly an identical copy of Coast Defense just coupled with Fieldrunners cartoon artwork rather than a WWII theme. For castle defense this style is unique, but it's not as fun as the other variations so a copy is that much worse. When compared to Coast Defense this game is way easier so there is literally no challenge in the entire game. You're simply going through the motions never once feeling vulnerable to losing which takes away any fun aspect of the game. It's boring to say the least, and there is no incentive to keep going through the levels never the less actually replay them. The game has a score that is always racking up, but there are no online high scores to make any sense of what's a good score. Every level plays the same where you just aim, fire, destroy the enemies that all have the same type of attack. There is never an overload of enemies, so each level you're wondering, "that's it?" The upgrades are easy to come by, and once you get a middle of the road weapon you'll never need to upgrade again to defend your base.

The Verdict

Coastal Super-Combat is a bland game that is similar to Coast Defense, but far easier. There is absolutely no challenge in the game leaving you with a boring waste of time which is especially problematic with so many enjoyable games in the App Store. Every level feels similar, and there isn't much variation at all in the enemies or gameplay mechanics. You can steer clear of Coastal Super-Combat for $0.99 because P.U. this one stinks. Also knowing Triniti Interactive it will probably soon be part of the All In One Gamebox.
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Review: Coastal Super-Combat - Coast Defense Plus Fieldrunners?

Review: Coastal Super-Combat - Coast Defense Plus Fieldrunners?