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Review: Pimple Popper - A Teenager's Worst Nightmare.

Review: Pimple Popper - A Teenager's Worst Nightmare.

September 29, 2010


Pimple Popper is a game by Roomcandy Games that recreates a timeless chore carried out by teenagers the world over: popping those hideous pimples. Players can choose from 6 faces and the game features a  realistic control method to pop those eyesores.


Pimple Popper is billed as two games in one. First you find the pimples on one of five different faces, The developer calls this a "hidden object game", which is a bit of a stretch. There are three types of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and full pimples. Each is popped in a different way. Once you find the pimple you tap it to zoom in, before using two fingers, one from either side to squeeze the pimple; just as you would in real life. Squeeze it correctly and you let the pus out. Squeeze it wrong, or press too hard and you cause a bleeder or a dreaded scab. Once you pop all pimples, you move onto the next level with more zits to destroy. Pimple Popper's levels don't mix up the gameplay at all and the only thing that changes is the face you're working on and how many zits there are.

The Good

Pimple Popper is a unique idea and will probably  give your friends a few laughs. It features a small variety of pimples and both male and female faces, and the pimples change locations each time you play. The controls are simple amd work fine, so you'll be popping pimples in no time. The game's graphics are OK for its subject matter. It is large and clear and you'll never have trouble making things out.

The Bad

Pimple Popper is the definition of a one trick pony. Every pimple simply requires being squeezed, the only minor variation is you need to swipe a blackhead first to take off the scab. After two minutes of playing Pimple Popper you  have pretty much seen the extent of its gameplay. The touted, various faces to pop pimples on, is largely irrelevant, as it does not change the core gameplay one iota. The sound is nothing special. A short tune is the extent of the game's musical thrills, while a highly unrealistic squeezing sound and a few short soundbites of "ohh"s round out the lackluster soundscape.

The Verdict

Pimple Popper is a novelty at best, the game's paper thin gameplay and  lack of variation makes it a short lived game and one that isn't really worth the $0.99 asking price. Roomcandy games has promised there are updates to come, although it is unknown what they will include. There is a free version of Pimple Popper, with which you can experience largely the same gameplay and even Roomcandy games  has referred to this game as a novelty, so unless you really like this game I'd stick with the free version if you want to show your friends.

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