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Review: Project Sanctuary - You're Not As Safe As You Think

Review: Project Sanctuary - You're Not As Safe As You Think

September 13, 2010


In order to stand out in the massive amount of dual stick shooters, a game has to have something unique that makes it an exciting experience without being overly repetitive. Project Sanctuary does just that, packing an enthralling storyline with quite an arsenal of weapons and missions to deliver the fast and violent action you've been waiting for.


The game features a 24-level campaign playable as 4 characters, survival mode, arena mode, and 4-player Co-op via Bluetooth and local Wifi. Campaign mode has you destroying objectives and retrieving intel across 24 different maps filled with deadly enemies. There is also an RPG-style character upgrade system where you can improve characteristics and purchase 26 weapons.

The Good

While most dual stick shooters are devoid of an interesting storyline that progresses with each level, Project Sanctuary provides you with hundreds of great comic-style images that illustrate the events taking place. As you get further into the game, new and more powerful monsters with special abilities are introduced, as well as superior weapons. Project Sanctuary employs a simple control system that lets you move around and shoot with ease. An assortment of objects and backgrounds on every map adds an extra level of both variation and difficulty. The game has an intense soundtrack and brilliant implementation of graphics, from enemy bosses to weapon designs. In each level, you are given a main task you must complete, whether it be planting C4 on a weapons facility or eliminating a certain number of toxic monsters. In addition to that goal, you can complete bonus and challenge tasks to earn extra cash and experience. Your character levels up a lot, and you can then purchase stronger weapons and enhance 13 player attributes. If you're lucky enough to have a friend with the game, the Co-op multiplayer is pretty cool as well. Much of the gameplay feels similar to that of Meridian's Alive 4-Ever, but with a more involved story, and fans of the popular zombie shooter will love Project Sanctuary.

The Bad

There isn't much to dislike about the game except for that there isn't a mini-map that shows where your objectives are located. Often times, you'll find yourself wandering endlessly on a large map only to get trapped in a corner and torn to bits by enemies. Similarly, it's just as difficult to collect those 3 barrels scattered in the desert while being chased by beserkers that run twice as fast as you.

The Verdict

Project Sanctuary puts a lot of fun back into a genre that hasn't been too enticing lately and easily deserves a spot on your device if you're into exciting top-down shooters. The game feels complete, and the usage of RPG elements adds a lot of replay value that isn't just the same thing over and over again. Project Sanctuary is a should buy at $0.99 and is one of the finest games in its genre.

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