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Review: Real Golf 2011 - We'll See Where This One Lands


Gameloft has been known for their arcade style golfing games in the Let’s Golf series. Now they’re moving on to a more realistic simulation with Real Golf 2011 which is closer to Tiger Woods PGA Tour. You get to take on real courses around the world with real players, and all the cartoon animations are retained for Let’s Golf.


The game includes 10 pro golfers including Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, and Jim Furyk and you get to play at real courses like Bethpage, Royal Loch Course, and Harbour Town. The heart of the game is career mode where you play different events throughout the calendar year earning money, and trying to be ranked #1 in the world. There is also a challenge mode with specific types of events, and multiplayer mode online over WiFi, and Bluetooth.

The Good

If you’ve played Let’s Golf 1 or 2 then you know Gameloft makes the most fun golf games in the App Store. Well, now with Real Golf 2011 they make the best realistic golf games in the App Store. From the courses to the players and their motions everything is geared to give you with the feeling of playing actual golf. The cartoon effects are lost, the crazy locations are no more, but the same speed of the game remains from Let’s Golf. You can play the slow moving game that is Golf rather quickly on the go. You can get in and out of your shots with the greatest of ease, and then when other players shoot you can watch their shot or fast forward through it so you’re shooting again. With the fast movement of the game you can feel this is as much action as Golf can have. If you want to care about wind speed, which club you’re using, and the lay of the course then this is the golf game for you. The career mode is extremely deluxe with multiple types of events at each different location, the game will keep you coming back for more and more golf. Every course is designed very well, and it’s great to see the various camera angles with the ball in flight. The player animations are extremely smooth and realistic whether they’re driving, putting, or reacting to their shot. The game has realistic lack of sounds as you would expect for golf, and also features a voice over announcer for everyone’s shots.

The Bad

Since the game isn’t the officially licensed Tiger Woods PGA Tour game by EA it lacks most of the famous players, courses and events. Obviously you can’t play with Tiger Woods, but there are many others you also can’t play with because only 10 players are included. The courses are also relatively obscure as you don’t get to play at Augusta or the Masters for example. The gameplay itself is great, but the licensing does take away from some of the golfing experience. The computer opponents are relatively easy especially when you’re playing head to head or a group of four so the challenge is only in dealing with the course.

The Verdict

This is a golf game at its finest on the idevice with the realistic feel of an actual round of golf. The authentic feel of everything in the game coupled with the ability to play quickly makes it an enjoyable experience each and every time. The lack of licensing limits who you can play with, and where you can play which hampers the fun of the game a bit. For $6.99 Real Golf 2011 is a should buy, and the best golf game in the App Store.
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Review: Real Golf 2011 - We'll See Where This One Lands

Review: Real Golf 2011 - We'll See Where This One Lands